Surface to Diver Communication

Divelink offers a full line of user friendly voice underwater communications for SCUBA divers and Surface Vessels with the world's most sophisticated technology. Unrivaled Signal Clarity and reception is achieved by custom microchip circuitry for ultrasonic transmission and reception.

Divelink is the world's only diver underwater communication system that combines automatic voice activation, gain and squelch, to allow for hands free operation.

• Rugged, waterproof microphones that may be flooded to 200 feet depth
• Compact and highly portable
• Rechargeable NiMH batteries included with diver units
• Versatile, simple operation with easy to read battery state
• Output power levels from 0.5 to 100 watts
• Ranges from 500 Meters to 10 kM
• Recreational, Training, Commercial, Police Search and Recovery, and Navy Markets

Diver with 20 Watt Underwater Communication Belt Pack achieving up to 3 kM range