These units will allow divers to speak to each other, the surface and beyond using Voice Activated transmission (VOX).  

Divelink Technology works! Voice activates transmission, not exhale bubble noise.


COM-FFKM48 Kirby Morgan 48 Supermask

⋅ Breakaway oral cavity! (Lower portion of mask can be removed instantly for access to alternate air source, while eyes and nose remain sealed)

⋅ Available with custom second-stage regulator that is second-to-none


COM-FFM Mantis Full-Face Mask

⋅ Very low profile,feels like a regular dive mask

⋅ Great field of vision

⋅ Clear, high-grade silicone

⋅ Smaller skirt provides more universal fit




COM-FFS Scubapro Full-Face Mask

 Head Mount DIVELINK models