Head Mount Wireless Surface Unit


Model COM-S01R

 - Most portable and compact in the world
 - 1 or 2 channels

 - 1/2 watt output power
 - Can match any frequency
 - Line out jacks for recording or to a speaker
 - Push to talk so divers do not hear surface background noise



 Surface Conversion Kit


  - Converts a belt mounted Diver Unit into a surface unit
 - Includes Diver Unit, Surface Unit headphones and transducer cable
 - Can be used in a dry submersible with a through hull fitting.




 Wireless Surface Unit Comm Box 


 Model COM-S08

 - 1 to 8 channels available
 - 20 watts output power
 - Line out for recording
 - Includes hand microphone and headset with boom microphone
 - Enclosed in water tight carrying case